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Lorna Johnson, Editor, Ghostwriter, Manuscript Consultant, Book + Writing Coach

Lorna Johnson, Editor, Ghostwriter, Manuscript Consultant, Book + Writing Coach

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Walking the Path of Your Heart Is An Act of Grace

"On the surface, Lorna Johnson is a ghostwriter and editor. But on closer examination, the work she does with women writing their memoirs reveals itself to be a deeply transformational process, cathartic and redeeming, turning harrowing stories into archetypal narratives of the rising victorious feminine heroine."

~ Shawn Madden, New Paradigm Radio

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Welcome to The Velvet Word.

My gift is working word magic. As a modern-day literary magus, my keyboard is my cauldron, where sentence sorcery, chapter enchantment and book bewitchment happen with ease and delight. (This is Glenda-the-Good-Witch wizardry. No crooked, green noses or malevolent scuttling monkeys here.)

Really what I do is take your words and make them more yours. Discover your story and weave your unique voice, cadence and tone into the telling of it, the way you would if your genius were writing and story-making. And, if your need is more nudge, I do that, too: keep your fingers focused, your heart hopeful and your brain brilliant so the words can continue their steady and graceful dance across synapses, down nerves, out fingertips and onto pages or screens. Across, down, out, onto. Across, down, out, onto. (Reminds me of Ms. Steinberg, my fifth grade English teacher, dancing in front of the class and rhythmically reciting all the prepositions for our instruction…)

So if you’re feeling a bit bookishly lost, longing for literary home and wondering what in the world to do with your dazzling, red story, I may just have the wordspell you’re looking for.

I’m Lorna Johnson, and The Velvet Word is my full-service word consultancy. I’m an Editor, Manuscript Consultant, Ghostwriter and Writing and Book Coach.

When it comes to words, I’m the Glenda to your Dorothy, the yellow brick road to your yearning for home, the magic that happens on ankle click three. 

I’d love to lead your writing away from the field of drowsy frustration, introduce it to its heart, its brilliance and its bravery, give it a bit of love (for the journey is long), and hook arms with it as we walk the golden way that leads where it's longing to go: a place on the shelf (real or electric), nestled next to its kind, where it is loved and cherished and where warm hands reach for it eagerly (or where fingers type its title into the search bar feverishly), and where it has finally found, perhaps for the first time, its writeful home.

To the wonderful wizardry of words,


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