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Life Story Interviews + Story Consulting: $750

You've got a crushingly compelling story in you, you just know it. But you're not quite sure how to pull it all together and actually tell it, or whether you've got your own writing voice honed yet, and if that means you need a ghostwriter, a story collaborator/consultant, a writing coach, an editor or a magical and customized mix of all of them. Or if you just need help getting the bones of the book out so you can just flow with some good, old-fashioned writer/editor partnership.

Ah, yes. No writer has that problem.  ;)

You're so wise to come here first. Because there's something alchemical that happens when you and I sit together and you tell me your story, start to finish. It's like telling your best friend your most mysterious dream. Something erupts in the telling of it and the deepest meaning unfolds between us.

As you speak, I see the heart and soul of your story and bring you to a profound clarity of the deepest spiritual purpose of your life, and together we uncover your most transformational, healing message.

And to be honest, I haven't met a single client who was able to get to this alone, even though many thought they had it when they first started working with me. It's this thing we humans can't seem to do: see into our own hearts and souls.

And I also look at your writing and tell you whether it reflects you, your true voice, and then laser in on exactly what kind of help you most need in order to get your most powerful and authentic story out into the world. 

You get...

  • Me interviewing you for a deep dive five hours, in which I'll uncover your story in great detail (I'm a master interviewer - been doing it for 15 years). 
  • My honest assessment of your writing. I can tell right away if it reflects your true voice and to what degree, and whether it needs just a bit of tweaking (in other words, me as your writing coach + editor/story consultant) or whether I need to step into your skin and become you (me as your ghostwriter).
  • The core structure of your life story, its main phases, turning points and spiritual and transformational lessons, which then become the initial outline of your book.
  • My recommendations for how we can work together.
  • Notes from our calls. (I type almost as fast as you talk, which means you get a near-verbatim transcript of your five hours. Nice!)
  • Recordings of the calls, available to you in perpetuity.
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Hourly Services

Editing and Manuscript Consulting: $75/hour

Services include developmental editing (taking writing from idea to final draft, suggesting topics, helping with research, planning manuscript structure) and substantive editing of both fiction and non-fiction (story elements, plot, characterization, dialogue, scene order, point of view, voice, setting, word choice, sentence construction and syntax, pace, logical consistency, flow, and soundness of conclusions). This also includes our time on the phone where I go over my edits and suggestions with you. Services are pre-purchased in blocks of 10 hours.

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Book Proposal Consulting and Editing: $100/hour

Services include consulting, advising and hands-on editing to bring your book proposal from rough draft to polished creation, ready to submit to anything from niche to top-tier publishers. Services are pre-purchased in blocks of 10 hours.

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Ghostwriting: $100/hour

Service includes deep-dive interviews to uncover your story and provide you with feedback and insight into what the heart of your narrative is, as well where the bones are - the essential elements that will become the chapters and the core structure. You will also be provided with the  recorded interviews and my notes.

Services also include writing your fiction or non-fiction work, memoir, wedding vows, speech, love letter or any other piece that is comprised of words, and which you don't want to or don't feel you have the ability to write yourself. 


10 hours of ghostwriting at $1000/hour, purchased after an initial consultation with Lorna.

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Book and Writing Coaching: $150/hour

Services include weekly coaching and accountability and unlimited email support (within reason) on all aspects of bringing your writing project to fruition. Like a life coach, but for your words. We cover the art and science of compelling writing (writing is hypnosis, you know. There's an art and science to that.), and how to discover and more potently express your writing voice. I also provide mindset and spiritual mentoring throughout your writing journey, because writing catalyzes a true and deep heroine's quest, and will bring you face-to-face with all your fears, doubts and inner demons. And probably some external ones, as well. My writers claim it's my secret to getting them through their journey and out the other side, manuscript in hand, words blazing off the page, reaching right for the hearts they're meant to heal and wring. You can have all the searing skill you want, but what makes the difference is having a Champion at your side who keeps your feet to the fire and your head in the clouds and holds your tender heart while you struggle and soar. Because the point, after all, is to make it all the way through the labyrinthine world of the creative process,  light in your eye, book in your hand. 


4 coaching sessions, purchased after an initial consultation with Lorna.

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