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Lorna Johnson | Spiritual Storysmith | Memoir Midwife | Ghostwriter | Editor

Welcome to your awakening and to my signature program, The Red Thread, a 9-month, virtual memoir co-birthing circle and  transformational journey in which you will co-birth your memoir in a sacred container along with an intimate group of other spiritual, intuitive women, and in the middle of which I will initiate you through a powerful, transformational retreat that includes ritual, votive candle labyrinth walks, symbolic and archetypal interpretations of key turning points in your life, and a profound understanding of how your individual journey maps to the universal story of the transformation of heroine from victim to victor, so that you not only give birth to a powerful page turner, but a new way of walking in and waking up to the world around you.

Hi. I'm Lorna Johnson, Spiritual Storysmith and Memoir Maven. I help women tell their stories of truth and transformation through the traditional channels of editing and manuscript consulting, but my true talent and paradigm-shifting gift is to bring women through the threshold of their own journey so they can see the deepest spiritual purpose of their struggle and therefore infuse their memoir with a profound spiritual insight it would not otherwise have.

What is the Red Thread?

This is a 9-month, live, group memoir co-birthing experience, with a luxurious, spiritual, transformational writing retreat in the middle, all focused on guiding you into co-birthing your memoir with an intimate circle of other women who are doing the same thing. I serve as the Head Midwife, but we are all midwives for each other in this powerful birthing container. To keep the group intimate, I close it at 6 women.

1.     Sisterhood + Synergy.

(I’m putting this one first, because its power can’t be denied. I’ll get to the nitty gritty in a minute.) Writers, and writing, can be so solitary. Developing a close-knit group of sisters who are all birthing their books with you and taking this journey together will be incredibly healing, uplifting and supportive. And, there is no denying the synergy, the sorcery and the synchronicity that happens when good witches get together and stir the soup together! You will be exponentially more inspired, brilliant, focused, fertile, fecund, tapped in, turned on and available for your highest potential and greatest genius to come flowing forth by being part of a group of other inspired, brilliant, focused, fertile, fecund, tapped in, turned on sisters.

2.     Biweekly, live, group calls.

For the first call of the month I teach on a writing topic and is 90-minutes. For the second call of the month, you share your writing with your Sisters and receive feedback. This is a 120-minute call.

Teaching Call:

For the first 30 minutes, I’ll teach on a writing topic (see below for more detail on what these will be). After the 30 minutes, you’ll be paired with another woman and you'll each have time to share your current writing project – a challenge, a victory, a concern, a worry. Then we’ll reconvene and for the remaining time, I’ll pick two women and do 25 minutes of live coaching on their memoirs. This can either be on the topic I’ve just covered, something I’ve not taught yet, or anything you’ve got on your mind, including diving deep and getting coaching from me on understanding the core purpose of your struggle, the message your memoir is meant to teach others, how to uncover that message (it’s deep, tricky, puzzling and deliciously satisfying work!), and how to weave it through (hence “The Red Thread” title of the program) your memoir. Even if you’re not the one being directly coached, listening in to this work will be enlightening, inspiring and uplifting. Teaching Call Topics will include the following:

  • The Craft

(What should I do/not do when I’m writing and editing?)

  • The Flow

What do I do when I’ve lost the flow? How do I get it back? What things cinch the flow? What things open it up? Should I write my memoir chronologically? What if I’m not inspired to write on a certain topic on a certain day? What do I do about those really painful parts of my memoir that I keep avoiding and that are, literally, making me sick when I try and write about them?

  • The Voice

How do I find mine? How do I know when I’ve found it?

  • The Process

Do I need a writing process/habit I follow each day? What do other writers do? What do they avoid doing?

  • The Message

How do I find the deep message and meaning of my story? How do I know when I’ve found it? How do I weave it through my memoir? This will take up a few calls to teach, is at the core of the work I do with my clients, and will be covered in–depth in the retreat, which takes place mid-way through the program. I will teach you how to understand the spiritual lesson in your struggle by translating your life events symbolically, as if they were a dream you were trying to understand and interpret. Understanding how to do this, and then weaving this insight into your memoir is what will take it from good to great, from shelved to flying off the shelves, and is the stuff of best sellers, tearjerkers, and classics.

  • The Arc

How do I figure out the overall arc of my story so I have a sense of where I’m going and what my story is?

  • The Structure

How do I structure my memoir, know where to start, end and where I’m going?

  • The Journey

What are the key moments in every transformational journey, and how can I use a knowledge of the Heroine’s Journey to track these moments in my own story?

Writing Sharing + Feedback Call

This call is entirely focused on you sharing your writing and receiving feedback and is 120 minutes long, if the circle is full, at 6 women. You will share your writing for 15 minutes, and then there will be 5 minutes of group feedback.

3.     Private Google+ group.

Connect with the other women in between the calls so you can develop and strengthen your ties to each other, inspire each other and truly walk the 9-month journey of your book baby pregnancy together. You will likely form deep bonds that will last long after our group ends. And if you like, you are more than welcome to set up Sister calls on your own, in between our group monthly coaching calls.

4.     Luxurious, Transformational, Spiritual, Four-day, Five-Night Retreat (optional, cost additional)

We’ll deep dive into the spiritual message and meaning of your struggle. This will take place in the middle of the program. The retreat is optional and the cost is in addition to the cost of this program. Here are the key components of the retreat:

a.    You will learn, in-depth, over the course of several days, how to decipher the underlying spiritual lesson you were trying to learn at each stage of your journey so that you can write your memoir with a spiritual depth and insight it would not otherwise have. We will be using the teachings of Carolyn Myss and Carl Jung primarily to do this work. These insights will be life changing, and as you begin to understand the power of looking at your life symbolically and from the perspective of the spiritual lesson you were learning, you will also begin to look at your current life experiences this way, and will find yourself undergoing an entire paradigm shift in the way you approach your struggles and challenges. This is no ordinary writing retreat. It is truly a paradigm shifting initiation into a new way of living as well as writing.

5.     You will learn in depth about the four survival and four thrival archetypes that are involved in the heroine’s journey, which will not only support your memoir writing, but your own ongoing personal journey of transformation. Here’s a glimpse into the rich world of these archetpyes and the questions we’ll be asking and answering about their powerful influence on our lives. These question will deeply inform the spiritual insights you’ll be able to infuse into your memoir as well as provide you with a powerful tool for your own ongoing personal transformation. 

  • The Survival Archetypes

What are the four earth-based, survival archetypes of the child, victim, saboteur and prostitute? How have they managed my personal struggle? And how can I identify them at work in my journey, and use their emergence in my memoir and in my life to deepen my insight into my spiritual lessons and growth?

  • The Thrival Archetypes

What are the four spiritual, thrival archetypes of the Queen, Warrioress, Magician, and Lover? How have they emerged through my personal transformation and made their presence known as I emerged from victim to victor in my life, and how can I use their unique energies and wisdom to deepen my insight into my spiritual lessons and growth, both in my memoir and in my life?

c.     1 hour of of one-one-one editing feedback, writing coaching and manuscript consulting from me each day.

d.    You will be led through a beautiful, moving ritual in which you will enter into a conscious, intentional and loving relationship with your writing and your book (too many writers have an unconscious, unintentional and rather abusive relationship with their writing and the book they’re trying to birth, which makes for a very unpleasant pregnancy and a very painful birth!).

e.    We will also be creating a sigil for your book—a powerful manifesting symbol that will serve to hold the energy of your most powerful intention, biggest dream and highest purpose for your memoir.

f.   All your meals will be prepared for you by a private chef and we will have a personal assistant on hand to run errands in case you need something in town. Your only job will be to be present to your story, your self, and your other book baby birthers.

6.     10% reduction on all my other services.

When you this coaching program, you’ll receive a 10% reduction on any of my other services, so if you want to work with me 1:1 on editing, interviewing, ghostwriting, or story consulting or coaching, any of those fees would be 10% less than their displayed price on my website.

The Red Thread Coaching Program Cost: $111/month